We stock a very wide range of Pet products including:

  • A variety of foods
  • Pet toys to cater for mental stimulation, hygene and exercise
  • Dog, cat, bird and aquarium accessories
  • Shampoos and flea controls
  • A wide variety of fish
  • Puppies and kittens (when available)

Visit our Pet Emporium and meet our friendly staff who have
a broad knowledge of our products, and they are willing to help
wherever possible.

Pet Products

Following on from the success of the monthly flea tablet Comfortis this is now available in a combination monthly flea/worm/heartworm chew tablet called Panoramis (particularly suited to dogs with flea allergy requiring high level flea control. Note it does not control paralysis ticks.)

  • FIV Vaccine – We were experiencing reduced levels of stock but FIV vaccine is now available again. Advise us if you missed out or are overdue.
  • Caninsulin – This is now available again for our diabetic pets.
  • Proban – Once existing stocks are used up, the oral tick tablet for dogs and cats will be discontinued. For cats – now only Frontline spray (once every 3 weeks) is licensed for tick control. For dogs (fortnightly) Advantix fortnightly remains the most reliable and convenient alternative.
  • Trocoxil – This is a new convenient long acting monthly painkiller for dogs with chronic arthritic or spinal pain. It can be given for up to 6 months at a time. Ask for details.
  • Zydax – An excellent cost effective arthritis modifying joint protective drug has been reformulated and made yet more potent. Ask for details.
  • Hills J/D – This is a clinically proven megadose EPA fish oil derivative diet which helps shut down cartilage breakdown at the genetic level. Ask for details.
  • DAP – This is now renamed ADAPTIL, it is good for storm phobias and is available as a plug-in diffuser, spray, or now as a collar.
  • Hexarinse – The best product on the market for dental hygeine especially in pets that are not good meaty bone chewers.
  • Eukanuba is changing their packaging to time with the release of some new therapeutic diets.