Hannah Lowe –  Vet Nurse/ Vet Tech.  Efficient and organised . Owner of Hudson the Retriever .

Shara Dale – Vet Nurse. Weaned on  a Vet clinic floor . Second generation Vet nurse  so has animals  in the blood.  A wealth of experience in nursing, grooming , products and animal care -birds included. Keen movie critic.

Maggie Dowe – Ever cheerful nurse and general animal lover . Interests in dog trainings. “Bigger dogs are better ..”

Maria Harman – Vet nurse, hails  from Sweden . Handy with a  paintbrush and has a strong ongoing interest in Canine Training and behavioural problem solving . Runs Behaving K9s. Current holder  of the Guinness Book of Records for the highest number of dogs walked by one person !

Julie Snellgrove – Podiatrist by trade but now working as receptionist. Interests in Tennis and most sports. Two dogs and two cats and numerous Magpies.

Tracy Hall – Nurse trainee and receptionist  . Left the ruthless world of numbers and finance to  help out the   soft and fluffy animals .

Ancillary Staff – Tom the Cat . (Ginger) Head of reception desk . Mentor to numerous litters of orphaned  kittens .   Roley  – (Possum Grey) . Loved by all . Chief Concierge and greeter of dogs .