We stock a very wide range of pet products including:

  • A variety of healthy wet and dry foods including Blackhawk and BARF and the new Prime Single Protein Diets
  • Pet toys to cater for mental stimulation, oral hygeine and exercise
  • Dog, cat, bird wormers and  accessories
  • Shampoos Parasite and Flea control
  • Dental aids
  • Nutritional supplements

Our friendly nursing staff  have a extensive knowledge of our products. We can put together programs for tailored parasite control as in many cases the most expensive options are not necessarily the best ones.

Pet Products

  • We are now spoiled for choice with highly effective monthly or quarterly oral  complete parasite medications  like Nexgard or Bravecto. Year round tick prevention is essential in this area . Options and products differ for dogs and cats however. 
  • Our product prices are very competitive compared with the large chain stores .Our trained nurses and staff can recommend effective solutions not limited products , providing what you actually need ..not just what the trainee junior petshop salesmen  need to sell  …